Business Court Pilot Project

The Tennessee Supreme Court’s highly successful Business Court Docket Pilot Project continues effective November 1, 2019 under the supervision of Chancellor Anne C. Martin of the Davidson County Chancery Court, Part II. The Business Court Docket Pilot Project seeks to provide all Tennessee businesses and citizens with a specialized forum to hear complex or unique questions of business law. It was originally established by Supreme Court Order in March, 2015, and was extended in April and December, 2017, with slight modifications. Cases transferred to the Business Court Docket prior to November 1, 2019 will remain as previously assigned. Outside of Davidson County, the Supreme Court, at the request of a trial court judge, may appoint a senior judge to hear an eligible Business Court Docket case in the county of venue, or the parties may request transfer of venue to the Davidson County Business Court Docket.

Please refer to the following for additional information about the Tennessee Business Court Docket Pilot Project.: