About Our Office

The office of the Clerk and Master was created as a constitutional office in the judicial branch of government pursuant to Article VI, §13 of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee (1870) and described as the office that serves as the “right arm of the Chancery Courts”. In other words it serves as the filing and support office for the Chancery Courts. Chancery Court is a court of equity that hears Tennessee constitutional issues, contract disputes, employment lawsuits, construction, real property and commercial litigation, applications for receivership and liquidation of insurance companies, state tax disputes, workers compensation, local governmental actions including appeals from a variety of local boards and commissions, applications for injunctions, writs of certiorari, emancipation of minors, and name changes. In addition, the Davidson County Chancery Court is the court of appeals for a number of administrative agencies, such as the Tennessee Department of TennCare, Tennessee Department of Labor, and the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, among many others.

The office administers the dockets, keeps the calendar and permanent records as directed by the chancellors or required by law; sells real and personal property; and deposits and remits judgment funds pursuant to court order and statute as an arm of the court.

The role of the office is also judicial. The Clerk and Master hears approximately 70 claims annually. These include partitions, delinquent tax disputes, ownership of property held by the state, partnership accountings, factual and legal questions in receivership cases, or any other matter referred by a chancellor.

Chancellors of the Twentieth Judicial District of the State of Tennessee

  • Chancellor Patricia Head Moskal-Part I
  • Chancellor Anne C. Martin-Part II
  • Chancellor I’Ashea L. Myles-Part III
  • Chancellor Russell Perkins-Part IV