ADA Claims

Definition – An ADA Claim shall mean a complaint by an individual that he or she has been discriminated against because of some real or perceived disability.

ADA Coordinator – In compliance with 28 CFR Pt. 35, Subpart A, Section 35.107, the Clerk and Master is responsible for assigning the Clerk and Master office manager to coordinate the office efforts to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Clerk and Master shall put in place a mechanism for ensuring that information about the office manager designation is disseminated to all staff members, lawyers and other interested citizens.

Procedures – All ADA Claims must be initially presented to the Clerk and Master office manager. If satisfactory resolution of the problem cannot be reached after ample opportunity for consideration of the matter, the claimant may next discuss the matter with the Clerk and Master.

After review of the case, the Clerk and Master shall take action as he or she deems appropriate and shall notify all parties concerned of his or her decision. The claimant may ask for written consideration of the decision if the request is denied. A request for written consideration must be in writing and should specify the service needed and the reasons for the services. The Clerk and Master’s final decision will be in written form and provided to all persons concerned.