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Chancery Court, State of Tennessee Twentieth Judicial District

Please Review Our Public Records Policy

The Office of the Clerk and Master maintains court records from May 1846 through the present date. Most records dating from 1997 to present may be searched online. Information can be obtained in person in the File room, by mail, or on-line. Search and copy requests for records dating from before 1997 must be submitted by contacting the Clerk’s Office. The Office of the Clerk and Master is located on the third floor of the Historic Courthouse, 1 Public Square, Suite 308, Nashville, TN 37201 in downtown Nashville.

Cases that can be accessed on the Internet provide the following information via a Case Summary Log:

  • Names of all parties and their counsel (if applicable)
  • Events (i.e. document titles and file dates)
  • Court orders
  • Disposition and case information
  • Dates of hearings, past and future
  • Reference numbers for related cases
  • Access case record information on-line

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The user understands that the entities which comprise Metropolitan Government make no representations as to the accuracy of the information in the data, but rather, provide said information as is. The user knowingly waives any and all claims for damages against any and all of the entities comprising Metropolitan Government that may arise from the data.

Records Viewing and Reproduction of Documents

  • Older records are maintained on microfilm and microfiche and are stored off site. A request to view these files must be made in advance. Call the File Room for information.
  • Sealed records (any file, envelope or document marked “SEALED BY ORDER OF THE COURT” or “SEALED BY LAW”) ARE NOT open to public inspection. Attorneys of record and litigants may view the contents of a sealed record upon presentation of proper identification, except for adoption cases. No individual may view an adoption record without a court order.
  • Sealed cases require a court order to obtain documents or information.
  • It is illegal to remove any documents, files or exhibits from the Clerk’s Office for viewing without authorization from the Court or the Clerk and Master.
  • A case number is required to access court records. If you do not have a case number, please provide the complete names of the parties in the case, along with the year the action was filed. If the case cannot be located in the Odyssey case management system, you may leave a search request with our Records Division staff as we may have to refer to the microfilm index to locate a case number.
  • The cost for photocopies is $.50 per page. All fees must be paid prior to processing your request.
  • Your photocopied document can be certified for an additional $5.00 for the court seal and $.50 per page, or exemplified for $10.00 for the court seal and $.50 per page.
  • The Clerk of the Court cannot certify, or exemplify, any document if the original of the document is not on file with this office.
  • Copies of images that are available through our case management system may be produced while you wait (staffing levels permitting such accommodation). You will be asked to leave your request for pick up at a later date, or have them mailed to you, in the event the request is for a large number of documents, or the image has to be obtained from another source i.e. microfilm/microfiche. These requests may take up to one week to complete.