Written Public Comment on Plan For Statewide Distribution of Charitable Funds For Nonprofit Organizations and Programs Serving the Elderly

Distribution statewide of charitable funds to nonprofit organizations and programs in Tennessee serving the elderly from settlement of Cases 11-1548-III and 12-1283-III (State of Tennessee vs. SeniorTrust and ElderTrust) in Davidson County Chancery Court is being planned. The deadline for written public input is June 17, 2016, for comments and suggestions on nonprofit organizations to receive and on uses of the funds to serve the elderly. Comments shall be either:

— mailed to Davidson County Clerk and Master, Attn: Part 3 Clerk, 1 Public Square, Suite 308, Nashville, TN 37201; or

— submitted electronically by filling in the information at https://chanceryclerkandmaster.nashville.gov/contact-us/. Please include in the subject line “SeniorTrust.”

All comments shall be read by the Court and are part of the court file. There shall be no individual response to comments. Instead, ongoing information and updates about the Distribution Plan will be posted on www.chanceryclerkandmaster.nashville.gov.