Motion Dockets Overview

Motions are heard on Friday’s beginning at 9:00 am. A date setting the Motion must be included with the document when it is filed or it will not be heard; the Davidson County Clerk & Master’s office does not set this for you. All Motions must be set at least 14 days from the date the document is filed with the exception of Motions for Summary Judgment (which must be at least 37 days out from the date they are filed).

Calendar pages showing available dates for Motions are included on this page. Please consult each calendar and read the applicable notes for that month. If there is no comment on that date concerning the part you need, that date may be selected and placed on your Motion to be filed. The docket for Friday is posted to this web site on Tuesday afternoon of that week. If changes are made after that time, they will not be reflected on the web site. Please contact the office if you have problems accessing that calendar or if you feel there might be an error in the listing.

Feel free to contact this office if you have any scheduling concerns or questions about Motions.

Ellie Valdez (615) 862-5688

The indication of open docket dates on this page does not indicate the availability of slots for Motions to Dismiss and Motions for Summary Judgment. Please contact the Motions clerk for the most up-to-date information to schedule those Motions.